Are you thinking of buying or renovating a property?
If so, you'll definitely find this useful.

Several tips for buying a house to renovate

Before you start
Regardless of your chosen property, the most important thing you need to take stock of is your finances. These will completely dictate what you do and will guide all of your planning. Working out how much you have to spend will dictate how large the project will be, and how long it will take.
Finding a house
The best way to find a suitable house is to look through different estate agents. As renovation has become much more popular in recent years, the competition for finding suitable properties has risen considerably. Therefore, you may be on an estate agent’s books for many months before they offer you anything.
Before you buy
Before you buy a house, there are a number of things which you should check so you do not get any nasty surprises when it's too late. Make a plan of what changes you would like to make to the house, so you know exactly how the finished product would look. This will help you decide which rooms you want where and will give you an indication of exactly how much work will be necessary.
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HIA recently expressed concern over households that will be affected by the cooling of Melbourne and Sydney housing markets

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Expected to ease property costs in the state and allow first home buyers to enter the market, changes in NSW stamp duty were formalised in November

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Data reveals that mining regions now offer opportunities for sound investments, especially with high rental rates recorded in these places

Limited rental supply in the state was a key reason behind the tightening of vacancies, as well as unmet rental demand

The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that approvals in apartment dwelling rose while detached houses fell

A customer-owned bank has released a study showing that mortgage holders in the country lack awareness of their mortgages' features

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria showed a steady growth in Melbourne's median house price, with returns mostly found in the Middle and Outer ring

The 5th busiest auction week of the year, according to CoreLogic, clearance rates in the week ending October 28 were at 50% and up

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The Property Council of Australia emphasised that Sydney's growth must not be impeded nor stopped because it is essential the city's success

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